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Declarative API

You only need to add a annotation to the parent interface of Service to provide an interface to the outside

Martian makes development cool

Only one annotation is needed for parameter verification

Just add a annotation to the field of VO

Martian makes development cool

Simple database operation

Query, modify, delete and insert into a single table according to the primary key No need to write sql, comes with paging method, no need for any three-party tool

Martian makes development cool

One line annotation to solve distributed lock

Add RedisLock annotation to the method to be locked, set a KEY, and also support only lock a piece of code

Martian makes development cool

Support now popular features

For example: MVC, IOC, AOP, semi-ORM

And made a certain simplification

Martian makes development cool

Exception listener

In order to return the JSON string normally when an exception occurs, you need to add try {} catch () {} to each Controller method. Spring has an ExecptionHandler To simplify this problem, Martian also provides a corresponding solution

The solution is to ignore everything. If something goes wrong, the front end will receive a JSON, which can be parsed to handle it.

Martian makes development cool