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Martian is an open source framework that conforms to the MIT agreement, whether it is personal or commercial, it is completely free

But maintaining an open source project often means investing, which includes time and money, such as maintaining the official website, documentation, and continuous iteration of the version

If you like this project and are willing to help, then you might as well invite the author to have a cup of coffee

Ask the author to have a cup of coffee

Every friend's sponsorship will spawn a more perfect version, we will provide more components and functions

At present, the total donation received has reached 16,385 yuan.

Every donor is remembered by us, but the website is limited in space, so we ca n’t list everyone ’s names.

The following are the 10 most recent sponsors

Line number Sponsor Amount Channel
1 s*g ¥10 WeChat
2 一只小菜鸟 ¥10 WeChat
3 枫叶 ¥15 WeChat
4 Trouble Killer ¥10 AliPay
5 皮卡。啾 ¥20 WeChat
6 Steve ¥10 AliPay
7 Kevin ¥10 AliPay
8 西游柠檬 ¥20 AliPay
9 。。。。。。 ¥10 WeChat
10 汉语帝 ¥10 AliPay